Legend of the Guardians

PlayStation 3

Legend of the Guardians Trophies

Most Earned

Ready For Battle
Ready For Battle15TrophyTypeComplete the Tutorial Missions
C-C-Combo Breaker
C-C-Combo Breaker15TrophyTypePerform a chain attack on a single enemy in a mission
Counter Culture
Counter Culture15TrophyTypeSuccessfully counter attack an enemy in a mission
Do a Barrel Roll!
Do a Barrel Roll!15TrophyTypeDo a barrel roll in a mission

Least Earned

Collect All Trophies
Collect All Trophies244TrophyTypeEvery trophy has been collected
Birds of a Different Feather
Birds of a Different Feather122TrophyTypeComplete the game as all Four Characters
Gold, Shard, Gold!
Gold, Shard, Gold!121TrophyTypeGet a Gold ranking in all story missions
See a Penny
See a Penny20TrophyTypeCollect 4200 Shinies
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