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Legasista Trophies

Most Earned

30-Floor Baby-geon
30-Floor Baby-geon15TrophyTypeClear a 30-floor Baby-geon.
Conquered the Ivy Tower
Conquered the Ivy Tower32TrophyTypeClear the storyline.
Soloed 100-Floor Ran-geon
Soloed 100-Floor Ran-geon137TrophyTypeClear a 100-floor Ran-geon Solo.
Trioed 100-Floor Ran-geon
Trioed 100-Floor Ran-geon23TrophyTypeClear a 100-floor Ran-geon with a Trio.

Least Earned

Trioed 200-Floor Ran-geon
Trioed 200-Floor Ran-geon48TrophyTypeClear a 200-floor Ran-geon with a Trio.
Trioed 200-Floor Hard-geon
Trioed 200-Floor Hard-geon48TrophyTypeClear a 200-floor Hard-geon with a Trio.
Trioed 200-Floor Demon-geon
Trioed 200-Floor Demon-geon48TrophyTypeClear a 200-floor Demon-geon with a Trio.
Trioed 100-Floor Hard-geon
Trioed 100-Floor Hard-geon48TrophyTypeClear a 100-floor Hard-geon with a Trio.
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