Last Rebellion

PlayStation 3

Last Rebellion Trophies

Most Earned

Avenge the Sealers!
Avenge the Sealers!15TrophyTypeDefeated the Grudge Holder
Machine Dismantler
Machine Dismantler16TrophyTypeDestroyed the Bullvezarks
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer31TrophyTypeSlayed the mighty Nidhogg
Help an older Blade
Help an older Blade32TrophyTypeToppled the Trolls

Least Earned

What is this thing?
What is this thing?96TrophyTypeOrange I Defeated
Well, they're dead now.
Well, they're dead now.96TrophyTypeOrange IV Defeated
Flawless Demon
Flawless Demon192TrophyTypeThe Ultimate Blade
We don't have any money, dood...
We don't have any money, dood...96TrophyTypePrinny III Defeated
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