Landit Bandit

PlayStation 3

Landit Bandit Trophies

Most Earned

King of Manhattan
King of Manhattan16TrophyTypeComplete a Taxi level with 5 'Fast rides'
Golden cab
Golden cab17TrophyTypeComplete a Gold medal taxi mission
Femme Fatale
Femme Fatale25TrophyType5 Flying pickups in one Level
FAA Approved
FAA Approved26TrophyTypeComplete a Taxi level without taking any damage

Least Earned

Hard earned Gold
Hard earned Gold337TrophyTypeGained All Gold Medals at Difficulty Hard
Got the golds
Got the golds100TrophyTypeGained All Gold Medals at Difficulty Meduim
Easy Peasy Gold
Easy Peasy Gold100TrophyTypeGained All Gold Medals at Difficulty Easy
Squid Master
Squid Master46TrophyTypeBeat the Squid without taking any damage
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