The Voice (PS3) (ES)

PlayStation 3

The Voice (PS3) (ES) Trophies

Most Earned

Lazy15TrophyTypeYou watched the Jukebox.
Quitter15TrophyTypeYou quit during a live show.
4x4 Voice
4x4 Voice91TrophyTypeYou achieved a High-Score in every song.
Absolute Voice
Absolute Voice91TrophyTypeYou achieved a High-Score of at least 9000.

Least Earned

Warm up
Warm up15TrophyTypeYou warmed up your voice.
Veni vidi…
Veni vidi…91TrophyTypeYou are La Voz
Tourney!91TrophyTypeYou played a Tournament.
They want you!
They want you!91TrophyTypeAll 4 coaches turned round.
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