4. LIMBO 5-Death Run & Secret AreaUpdate notes

After finding the ten eggs and finishing the game, there are now two objectives left for you to complete. You can do these in either order you want, but it'd make sense to go for the 5-death run first since you're already familiar with that route of the game.

These two trophies are a good representation of what the game is themed around: being stuck in a loop of the same tasks and being completely lost in the darkness.

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5-Death Playthrough

There isn't much to say about finishing the game with less than six deaths (five being the maximum). It's just a matter of playing the game over again, this time knowing what to do and not worrying about the eggs. This is one of those trophies that requires absolute mastery of the game. Above is a video you can use to help get through the game if you'd like to keep it open while playing; it surpasses the five-death limit, but just having footage of what to do is still going to be useful.

It's been generally agreed upon that you should restart your current run if you die before killing the spider, as that's a pretty early point in the game that you shouldn't be wasting one of your five deaths in. You should be taking it slow to avoid any stupid mistakes. This trophy can be very frustrating and can easily require upwards of ten more attempts on the game.

Secret Path

Once you collect the ten eggs, a secret passageway from behind where Chapter 26 begins will open up. Simply go down the ladder on the left and return to where the egg here once was. The above video by KillerSnowTiger perfectly describes what to do in this nearly entirely pitch-black area. There are checkpoints throughout this path, so it's not all that bad; it's just a matter of perseverance filled with as many deaths as you end up having. It honestly isn't really that difficult, and it's definitely less time consuming than playing the entire game over again.

The trophy should pop once you ride the elevator out from the path towards Chapter 34.

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