PlayStation 4


Most Earned

Karate Kid
Karate Kid15TrophyTypeBreak an object thrown at you
Drugs are bad!
Drugs are bad!19TrophyTypeTake a single anitrans and keep it until the end of the round
EVO here I come!
EVO here I come!19TrophyTypePull off a combo with over 450 damage
Table tennis tournament
Table tennis tournament19TrophyTypeHit your opponent with an object after a six-shot rally

Least Earned

United we stand
United we stand15TrophyTypePick your buddy up 3 times in the same game
That belongs in a museum
That belongs in a museum90TrophyTypeCollect all the pins in Collection mode
Serena would be proud
Serena would be proud15TrophyTypeWin five rallies
Mind over matter!
Mind over matter!30TrophyTypeWin the game after being one round down and having less than 5% life in the second round
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Playstation Store Update: September 30th, 2016

Due to my attendance at EGX, we weren't able to publish a store update last week. As such, this week's store update includes two weeks of content.

Posted 1 year ago by Rebecca Smith, 2 comments

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