Kung-Fu Live

PlayStation 3

Kung-Fu Live Trophies

Most Earned

Fists of DOOM!
Fists of DOOM!16TrophyTypeBeat two enemies in a single fight without using super powers.
Fast as Lightning
Fast as Lightning18TrophyTypeDodge 6 enemy attacks in a single fight round.
Frequent Flyer
Frequent Flyer32TrophyTypeStay in the air for five seconds.
Legendary Warrior
Legendary Warrior73TrophyTypeTriumph over 150 enemies.

Least Earned

Doesn't Know What Losing Means
Doesn't Know What Losing Means309TrophyTypeAchieve 5 flawless victories.
Master of Kung-Fu LIVE!
Master of Kung-Fu LIVE!535TrophyTypeComplete the story of Kung-Fu LIVE.
Flawless Victory
Flawless Victory77TrophyTypeAchieve flawless victory in a fight with at least 3 rounds (medium or hard difficulty).
I Eat Giants at Teatime
I Eat Giants at Teatime66TrophyTypeBeat the second gatekeeper without destroying the bridge columns.
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