Konrad the Kitten

PlayStation 4

Konrad the Kitten Trophies

Most Earned

Clean cat
Clean cat15TrophyTypeVisit the bathroom.
Couch potato
Couch potato15TrophyTypeChill out in the living room.
Good night fox, good night squirrel
Good night fox, good night squirrel15TrophyTypeGo to the dark forest.
Here we go!
Here we go!15TrophyTypeSuccessfully finish the tutorial with the kitten.

Least Earned

Well dressed
Well dressed15TrophyTypeWear 4 different accessories at the same time.
Rich kitty
Rich kitty30TrophyTypeHave 100 coins in your purse.
Pretty kitty
Pretty kitty90TrophyTypeUnlock all accessories.
Mini-game master
Mini-game master30TrophyTypeGet 1000 points in a mini-game.
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