KOI (Vita)

KOI (Vita)

PlayStation Vita

KOI (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

Went the Distance
Went the Distance15TrophyTypeTotal distance traveled over 8000 meters
Papa Fish
Papa Fish16TrophyTypeLead more than 50 small fish in total.
Flashy16TrophyTypeMake an opened flower light up 30 times
Sparky16TrophyTypeGet hit by sparks 5 times

Least Earned

Stalker23TrophyTypeRemain undiscovered by the Black Fish in Levels 2 and 5
On Time's Side
On Time's Side23TrophyTypeTotal play time is 24 hours
Super Star
Super Star42TrophyTypeCollect all the Stars in the game.
Scales in all colors
Scales in all colors21TrophyTypeUnlock all the Skins
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