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Knytt Underground Trophies

Most Earned

Because it’s tradition
Because it’s tradition16TrophyTypeFind the sheep.
Knytt Stories
Knytt Stories19TrophyTypeFind the hidden Juni story.
Tobias Chilli
Tobias Chilli20TrophyTypeFind a hidden disco area in the hidden Juni story.
Fireworks22TrophyTypeComplete a hidden challenge in the Interlude.

Least Earned

Heroic Dance
Heroic Dance31TrophyTypeFind a hidden disco area in one of the mini-chapters.
Mysterious Forest
Mysterious Forest31TrophyTypeExplore a beautiful forest.
Shortcut Genius
Shortcut Genius31TrophyTypeComplete Chapter 3 without paying a single bell guard.
What She Longed For
What She Longed For61TrophyTypeFind the secret ending.
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