Knights of Valour (EU)

PlayStation 4

Knights of Valour (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

Combo Master
Combo Master16TrophyType100 Combos in battle
Yellow Turban Triumphant
Yellow Turban Triumphant17TrophyTypeDefeat Zhang Bao for the first time
Hand-in-Hand45TrophyTypeWin the first Multiplayer game
Exorcism Under the Heaven
Exorcism Under the Heaven26TrophyTypeDefeat Zhang Jue for the first time

Least Earned

Complete Explore: "Prosperity Under Heaven"
Complete Explore: "Prosperity Under Heaven"110TrophyTypeAll stages in "Prosperity Under Heaven" 100% explored
Complete Explore: "Dark Calamity"
Complete Explore: "Dark Calamity"90TrophyTypeAll stages in "Dark Calamity" 100% explored
Tyrant's Crusade
Tyrant's Crusade156TrophyTypeDefeat Xiang Yu for the first time
Rank Champion
Rank Champion468TrophyTypeStage Rank S in Stage 1~Stage 5 of any Difficulty
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