Knights of Valour

PlayStation 4

Knights of Valour Trophies

Most Earned

Combo Master
Combo Master17TrophyType100 Combos in battle
Yellow Turban Triumphant
Yellow Turban Triumphant18TrophyTypeDefeat Zhang Bao for the first time
Hand-in-Hand43TrophyTypeWin the first Multiplayer game
Exorcism Under the Heaven
Exorcism Under the Heaven26TrophyTypeDefeat Zhang Jue for the first time

Least Earned

Tyrant's Crusade
Tyrant's Crusade243TrophyTypeDefeat Xiang Yu for the first time
Complete Explore: "Terrible Demon"
Complete Explore: "Terrible Demon"99TrophyTypeAll stages in "Terrible Demon" 100% explored
Complete Explore: "Sishui Supremacy"
Complete Explore: "Sishui Supremacy"99TrophyTypeAll stages in "Sishui Supremacy" 100% explored
Complete Explore: "Prosperity Under Heaven"
Complete Explore: "Prosperity Under Heaven"99TrophyTypeAll stages in "Prosperity Under Heaven" 100% explored
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