Knights Contract

PlayStation 3

Knights Contract Trophies

Most Earned

Blood Spilled
Blood Spilled15TrophyTypeDefeat an enemy
'Tis But a Scratch!
'Tis But a Scratch!15TrophyTypeExperience your first revival
Bodyguard15TrophyTypeSave Gretchen from enemy attack
Light Reading
Light Reading15TrophyTypeAcquire a collection item

Least Earned

Supreme Witchslayer
Supreme Witchslayer479TrophyTypeFully execute your Knights Contract
Legendary Executioner
Legendary Executioner235TrophyTypeBeat the game on Witchslayer
Souls United
Souls United77TrophyTypeDefeat 200 enemies with Knight's Fury
Expertly Executed
Expertly Executed77TrophyTypeLand 1,000 Finishers
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