Knight Solitaire (EU) (Vita)

PlayStation Vita

Knight Solitaire (EU) (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

Aristocrat15TrophyTypeGet the maximum number of points on a level
Baron16TrophyTypeGet the maximum number of points on 2 levels in a row
Graph16TrophyTypeGet the maximum number of points on 3 levels in a row
Knight's cup
Knight's cup16TrophyTypeUse the Shuffle bonus 10 times

Least Earned

Golden Rose
Golden Rose125TrophyTypeComplete all levels in Knight mode
King's Cup
King's Cup38TrophyTypeUse the Shuffle bonus 50 times
Silver Helmet
Silver Helmet37TrophyTypeMaximum points for 6 packs in Squire mode
Reward of Honor
Reward of Honor19TrophyTypeComplete all levels in Squire mode
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