Band of Bastards

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Band of Bastards

Band of Bastards Trophies

The Band of Bastards Add-on for Kingdom Come: Deliverance has 7 trophies - 5 bronze, 1 silver and 1 gold.

  • Tracker

    Track down the raiders who attacked the farm.

  • Chivalrous Soul

    Persuade Kuno to attack the mill right away.

  • Pinky Promise

    Keep your word at any cost.

  • Torturer

    Leave Jakey to consider the error of his ways.

  • Mercenary's Honour

    Arouse the mercenary's sense of honour.

  • Game Over

    The Ring of Bacchus made its way back to its original owner.

  • Lost Trinket

    You're not the only one playing the Ring of Bacchus game, so watch out for the others!