Killzone 2

PlayStation 3

Killzone 2 Trophies

Most Earned

Corinth Ribbon
Corinth Ribbon15TrophyTypeComplete Corinth River on any difficulty level
Blood Ribbon
Blood Ribbon16TrophyTypeComplete Blood Meridian on any difficulty level
Visari Ribbon
Visari Ribbon16TrophyTypeComplete Visari Square on any difficulty level
Salamun Ribbon
Salamun Ribbon17TrophyTypeComplete Salamun District on any difficulty level

Least Earned

War Hero
War Hero680TrophyTypeCollect all Killzone 2 trophies
Boltgun Junkie
Boltgun Junkie59TrophyTypeKill 20 enemies in one round using the Boltgun in Arctower Landing
Suljeva Conqueror
Suljeva Conqueror29TrophyTypeWin a round with a minimum of 5 mission wins in Suljeva Cliffside
Beach Head Engineer
Beach Head Engineer30TrophyTypeRepair 5 objects in Beach Head during one round
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