Kick-Ass The Game

PlayStation 3

Kick-Ass The Game Trophies

Most Earned

I have a friend
I have a friend17TrophyTypeComplete a level in Co-op
Bazooka Expert
Bazooka Expert35TrophyTypeComplete the game in Normal Difficulty
I'm not Invisible
I'm not Invisible18TrophyTypeSet off the security camera 5 times in one level.
Slaughter Master
Slaughter Master35TrophyTypeKill 1000 enemies

Least Earned

Completionist23TrophyTypeLevel up any one character to level 50.
Too Easy
Too Easy135TrophyTypeComplete the game in Extreme Mode
OCD40TrophyTypeDestroy 1000 Crates
Collector20TrophyTypeCollect all 8 hidden comic books
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