Kick-Ass The Game

PlayStation 3

Kick-Ass The Game Trophies

Most Earned

I have a friend
I have a friend17TrophyTypeComplete a level in Co-op
Bazooka Expert
Bazooka Expert35TrophyTypeComplete the game in Normal Difficulty
Slaughter Master
Slaughter Master35TrophyTypeKill 1000 enemies
I'm not Invisible
I'm not Invisible18TrophyTypeSet off the security camera 5 times in one level.

Least Earned

Completionist23TrophyTypeLevel up any one character to level 50.
Too Easy
Too Easy135TrophyTypeComplete the game in Extreme Mode
OCD40TrophyTypeDestroy 1000 Crates
Collector20TrophyTypeCollect all 8 hidden comic books
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