Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Trophies

Full list of all 61 Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days trophies - 50 bronze, 7 silver, 3 gold and 1 platinum.

The base game contains 52 trophies, and there is 1 DLC packs containing 9 trophies.

  • Kill Or Be Killed

    Complete 'Resurrection' on any difficulty.

  • Dog Days

    Complete Story Mode on any difficulty level.

  • Dead Men Rising

    Complete Story Mode on Extreme.

  • Catch!

    Push your human shield into an opponent in Story Mode.

  • Can It!

    Kill 10 enemies with exploding canisters.

  • Mexican Showoff

    Kill 5 enemies while downed before successfully recovering.

  • Sichuan Specialist

    Escape the restaurant in 'Laying Low' without being downed on any difficulty.

  • Hand Of God

    Complete a Story Mode mission without dying once on any difficulty.

  • Chinese Waltz

    Kill 5 enemies without losing your human shield.

  • Dance Off!

    Execute 30 enemies while holding them as human shield.

  • Trigger Happy

    Kill 5 enemies in 15 seconds with any pistol.

  • Double Happiness

    Kill 6 enemies in a row with a shotgun - all of them as one shot kills.

  • Steady Hand

    Get 5 headshots in a row using the same clip.

  • You Want Blood?

    1000 kills.

  • A Little Help From A Friend

    Complete 1 mission in Co-Op.

  • No Going Back

    Complete 5 missions in Co-Op.

  • End Of The Road

    Complete Story Mode in Co-Op.

  • Giving A Hand

    Finish 30 enemies your Co-Op partner shot 'Down Not Dead'.

  • Got Your Back

    Revive your Co-Op partner 10 times.

  • Welcome

    Successfully escape once in Arcade Mode or in any Multiplayer Ranked Match.

  • Doing Good

    Successfully reach round 5 in Arcade Mode.

  • Love Of Money

    Successfully reach round 10 in Arcade Mode.

  • Greedy Bastard

    Earn at least $5,000,000 in every level in Arcade Mode.

  • Lightning Looter

    Reach $8,000,000 in under 6 minutes of actual playtime in Arcade Mode.

  • Safe Crime

    Finish 5 rounds in a row without getting any penalties in Arcade Mode.

  • Battle Hardened

    Complete one session in each Multiplayer mode (Ranked Match).

  • Addict

    Win 20 sessions of Cops & Robbers (Ranked Match).

  • The Cleaner

    Escape as a traitor with 50% of any level’s total loot in Arcade Mode or Multiplayer Ranked Match.

  • Escape From... Anywhere

    Successfully escape 25 times in Arcade Mode or in any Multiplayer Ranked Match.

  • D.I.Y.

    Escape with more than $2,500,000 in a round of either Arcade Mode or Multiplayer Ranked Match.

  • Putting On The Ritz

    End a round as Criminal Expert in a Fragile Alliance Ranked Match.

  • Blackjack & Hookers!

    Accumulate $25,000,000 in your career (Arcade Mode and Multiplayer Ranked Match).

  • Most Wanted

    Accumulate $50,000,000 in your career (Arcade Mode and Multiplayer Ranked Match).

  • Mastermind

    Become a criminal Mastermind (Highest Rank).

  • Rat Killer

    Kill the Undercover Cop as the last surviving criminal and escape (Ranked Match).

  • Law Enforcer

    Win as the Undercover Cop by killing all criminals yourself (Ranked Match).

  • Harry Houdini

    Escape from being held as human shield in any Multiplayer mode (Ranked Match).

  • Unfinished Business

    Kill a yellow carded criminal whilst Down Not Dead (Arcade Mode and Multiplayer Ranked Match).

  • Alpha Male

    Have the most kills in a Cops & Robbers Ranked Match.

  • No I In TEAM

    Earn the highest Criminal Loyalty level in Multiplayer Ranked Match.

  • There's An I In TRAITOR

    Become Scum in a Multiplayer mode (Ranked Match).

  • Love of the Game

    All Multiplayer Modes trophies unlocked.


The Doggie Bag

505 (57%)
The Doggie Bag
  • K9-Firepower

    [Doggie Bag] Get 5 kills using canisters in a round of Multiplayer Ranked Match or Arcade Mode.

  • Escape From The Pound

    [Doggie Bag] Escape on all levels at least once in Multiplayer Ranked Match or Arcade Mode.

  • Last in Show

    [Doggie Bag] Escape as the last player on your own in a Multiplayer Ranked Match.

  • Rabid

    [Doggie Bag] 1000 kills.

  • Under Dog

    [Doggie Bag] In the last round of a 'Fragile Alliance’ Ranked Match, climb from last to 1st place.

  • Good Doggie

    [Doggie Bag] Escape with $100,000 or more in every round of a Multiplayer Ranked Match session.

  • The Dog Track

    [Doggie Bag] Escape in less than 1½ minutes in Arcade Mode or Multiplayer Ranked Match.

  • Rex

    [Doggie Bag] Get 150 criminal kills as a cop in ‘Cops & Robbers’ Ranked Matches.

  • Poodle

    [Doggie Bag] Accumulate $25,000,000 during your career in Multiplayer Ranked Matches.