Kaiji VR ~The Nightmare Bridge~ (Asia)

PlayStation 4

Kaiji VR ~The Nightmare Bridge~ (Asia) Trophies

Most Earned

Failed in the 1st stage
Failed in the 1st stage15TrophyTypeFailed in the 1st stage
First Play
First Play15TrophyTypeFirst Play
Killed by Nakayama
Killed by Nakayama90TrophyTypeKilled by Nakayama
Failed to Push
Failed to Push93TrophyTypeFailed to Push

Least Earned

No Ticket
No Ticket99TrophyTypeNo Ticket
No Continue Clear
No Continue Clear99TrophyTypeNo Continue Clear
Falling Ishida
Falling Ishida99TrophyTypeFalling Ishida
Falling Akikawa
Falling Akikawa33TrophyTypeFalling Akikawa
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