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Posted on 05 January 19 at 21:28
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Kona is probably one of those games that you'll struggle to put down once you've picked it up. It's story is a bit mundane at the beginning, it starts as a murder mystery centered around a small Canadian, snow drenched town and ends up being a fight for survival ontop of solving the mystery of Hamiltons murder.

The trouble is there are so many collectibles in game that it feels like Kona needed to be padded out to give it some more longetivety. If you're familiar with survival games, you'll understand the basic concept of needing to find and light fires to stay warm and create save points. Kona saves at every camp and cabin that has a fire active so you son't feel like you have to keep going to make sure you hit a checkpoint.

Gameplay is fairly simple, yet also pretty elegent. It doesn't need to be fancy as long as it works. You can pick up items around the map like empty bottles and fill them up to drink for health, for example, but it's combat is slightly different to what you might expect, even from an story driven game like Kona. You can either pick up weapons like rifles, handguns or axes and use them to kill the wild wolves you come across quite often. You could also avoid combat entirely by throwing steaks to eat at them.

The puzzles aren't too difficult to follow and don't neccessarilly expect you to be a whizz at other puzzle games, mainly because at least half you're walked through.

The ending is truly something that does actually gives you a bit of a scare, at least the first playthrough you have of it you have anyway.

If you give one indie game a go this year from the backlog on the PSN store. Make it Kona.
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