Just in Time Incorporated

PlayStation 4

Just in Time Incorporated Trophies

Most Earned

Birthday Drive By
Birthday Drive By15TrophyTypePrevent a birthday catastrophe.
Body Search
Body Search15TrophyTypeBreach personal boundaries and find the bomb!
Bridge Escort
Bridge Escort30TrophyTypeProtect our three military clients while they escape across a bridge.
Building Fire
Building Fire15TrophyTypePrevent our clients from being burnt to a crisp in a building fire.

Least Earned

Thanks!15TrophyTypeSat through our hastily thrown together and boring credits.
Tank Technician
Tank Technician15TrophyTypeFind a non-violent solution to disabling the tank in Rescue Operation.
Slice and Dice
Slice and Dice15TrophyTypeFully chop up every enemy in Secret Lair.
Send It
Send It30TrophyTypeIn Building Fire send all three clients high into the air before they bounce.
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