Just Dance Kids

PlayStation 3

Just Dance Kids Trophies

Most Earned

The First Dance
The First Dance15TrophyTypeDanced through Regular mode!
Impressive Score!
Impressive Score!37TrophyTypeEarned 12,000 or more points in any song in Regular mode!
First Playlist Completed!
First Playlist Completed!19TrophyTypeDanced through 1 preset Playlist in Playlist mode!
Mixing Things Up
Mixing Things Up21TrophyTypeDanced through 1 Medley!

Least Earned

You're a Poser
You're a Poser42TrophyTypeDanced through songs in Freeze & Shake 50 times!
Medley Master
Medley Master84TrophyTypeDanced through 50 Medleys (outside Non-Stop Shuffle)!
Just Dance Virtuoso
Just Dance Virtuoso252TrophyTypeEarned at least 12,000 points in all songs in Regular mode!
Are You Forming a Dance Crew?
Are You Forming a Dance Crew?39TrophyTypeDanced through songs in Team High Score 50 times in multiplayer!
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