9. Just Cause 3 CollectiblesUpdate notes

All collectibles will be shown on the map in a province once that province has been liberated, and all are very straightforward, so there is no need for any kind of map here in the walkthrough. All collectibles look the same on the map except for stunt jumps, whether it be a shrine, a tomb, or an audio diary.

In each region, there are rebel shrines to honor those who died fighting against Di Ravello. Praying at all the shrines in a region such as Insula Fonte will unlock the capability of fast traveling anywhere in Insula Fonte without using a beacon.

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Ancient tombs are found only on Insula Striate, and they reward you with an exotic weapon, the Urga Stupka-210.

There are a small amount of stunt jumps as well, marked by a motorcycle doing a wheelie. All you really have to do is drop a vehicle near the stunt jump and drive off; nothing fancy is necessary. Doing all the jumps in a region gives you a special vehicle.

71 audio diaries from Di Ravello are also scattered across all regions. I don't know why they're spread around the country, but they do provide a nice backstory to Di Ravello's past, and collecting them all unlocks the golden Urga Mstitel, the best helicopter in the game.

Buried in little dirt piles are vintage parts, which reward you with a vehicle or weapon if all parts for that reward are collected.

Getting all of these collectibles will net you the final trophy.

In the Bavarium Sea Heist DLC, there are 18 tapes from Eden Callaghan, much like the Di Ravello tapes. The Callaghan tapes are not linked to any trophy, but if you feel like learning more about the plot linked between all three of the add-ons, you should pick these up if you see them. They will also be marked on your map once you liberate the new area of the DLC.

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