13. Just Cause 3 DLC: Bavarium Sea HeistUpdate notes

After completing the mission Connect the Dots, the first mission of the Bavarium Sea Heist DLC will show up on your map. The two missions are much longer than a story mission from the original three acts of the main game.

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Story Mission S-1: The Setup

The mission begins with some info about the eDEN Corporation’s old base in the sea, west of Medici. To infiltrate the place, now taken over by the Black Hand, you’ll need a few things. Do you remember Looch from the beginning of the game, when you had to find the equipment for Dimah? He’s back now, and he’s able to build you an incredible boat to use against the Black Hand.

The first thing you’ll need is the boat itself, found in a cargo plane in the sky. Hop onto the top of the plane marked nearby and it’ll eventually fly you right above the cargo plane itself. Enter, and two guards will start shooting at you. Take them out, open the cargo bay door, and take the cargo out of the plane using a tether. Then jump out immediately after it, because it has your new boat inside.

Drive the boat to Grotta Contrabandero, where you started from, and use the helicopter nearby to fly to an ambush point (keep it intact, you’ll need it again shortly) to attack a convoy with credentials to the Stingray Area. Plant explosives on the bridge, take out the enemies, and pick up the nearby briefcase. Then fly to the next area, a Black Hand dry dock with some necessary generators on it.

Upon arrival, you’ll be attacked by many Black Hand soldiers, some boats, and some helicopters. Hack the SAM site when you can to get rid of the choppers, and work your way through all the enemies. Afterwards, an allied helicopter will drop down for you to use.

Pilot the helicopter above one of the generators, and then tether one (or more as a precaution) to your vehicle by tapping cn_X to prevent it from crashing into the dock while you attach the generator. Then, after a long flight back to Grotto Contrabandero, the mission will end, and Looch will have finished creating the ultimate rocket boat.

Story Mission S-2: The Heist Begins

Note: In order to start this mission, you must first liberate the region of Stingray Area, west of Insula Dracon. Do not approach the center structure yet, because lightning will obliterate you.

To pull off this grand heist, you will first use the Black Hand boat to approach the main station. Then, fight your way inside and you’ll go through a couple of rooms. They will be very straightforward: either kill guards, hack a computer, or break some electrical machinery, all of which will be incredibly easy. At the end will be the eDEN Spark. Pick it up and hack the computer nearby to open the door to the outside.

Your heist buddies will need some help leaving the Stingray Area, so use your new weapon to obliterate anyone that gets caught in its path. After all the enemies are killed, fly over to the Loochador and guide everyone to safety.

This won’t last long, as about four fleets (one at a time) will converge on your position. Sheldon and the gang will flee to the rendezvous point, while the rebels Looch has called in will help you take out the Black Hand fleets. When they’re all taken care of, reach the rendezvous point to finish the mission and unlock the Gear Challenge for the eDEN Spark.

  • One Last Score

    Beat the last mission of the Bavarium Sea Heist expansion and complete the story arc.

    One Last Score

The Loochador is useful for two trophies (as well as destroying just about everything). Taking out five helicopters will grant you Loochador Master, and taking out ten boats while in the air will give you The Flying Medician. You can get to this right away, after The Setup, but the Loochador next to you after the end of the mission will not be a “rebel drop Loochador”, so it will not be affected by Gear Mods. You will need Boat Turbo Jump I from the Sea Race Gear MODs in order to make the Loochador jump. Then blast nearby boats to pieces.

For me, these two trophies popped after destroying only one of each. This might be due to the DLC having a bug on release, and might be patched later on, but either way, this is rather easy to do.

There is only one new Gear Challenge to tackle, and although it might not be directly linked to a trophy, it's incredibly helpful for upgrading the eDEN Spark to kill ten people in one strike. The Gear Challenge for the eDEN Spark unlocks after you beat The Heist Begins. Additionally, destroying an enemy helicopter with the eDEN Spark will also grant you a trophy, so it's in your best interest to get all five gears on the new challenge.

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