12. Just Cause 3 DLC: Mech Land AssaultUpdate notes

After completing the mission Conflicting Interests, the first mission of the Mech Land Assault will show up on the map in the northwestern area of Insula Striate (at least for me it did). If you want to try to get to Insula Lacrima before you start the mission, you can't; a gravity shield will push you or any vehicle you're in away from the island.

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Story Mission L-1: Stowaway

Rico will find prisoners being shuffled aboard a plane to Insula Lacrima by the Black Hand. This is not like them to make a scene like this, so Rico jumps aboard to investigate.

When the plane door opens, take out the Black Hand members and move down to the next room. There will be three enemies manning turrets, so take them out. Then, grab a weapon for your slot on cn_left and destroy the mech that enters the room.

In the adjacent room, there will be a weapon called the Power Core. Take it and disable the blue energy shield on the other side of the room. The little yellow switch on top can be activated by tethering it to the ground. Do so, and you will find yourself in a room of broken mechs. Another switch is on the upper balcony of this room.

In the next area will be another mech, but this time you’re going to disable it using another Power Core nearby and hop into it. When you do, drive the mech onto the pressure plate and an elevator will come down. Ride it up and you’ll find yourself at a Black Hand base.

There will be a dead end with a wall to the right that you can take apart using cn_L2. Go through here and fight the Black Hand while also disabling the center structure. After the enemies are killed and the structure destroyed, follow the path on the road to the prisoner processing center. Open the armory, free the prisoners, and release the ringleader to finish this long mission.

Story Mission L-2: Storming the Hive

Note: Before you can start this mission, you must first liberate the entire island of Insula Striate.

The prisoners are ready to rebel against the Black Hand and take down their base, The Hive. The mission starts out like a war mission from the base game, but it plays out a bit differently. The first thing you will want to do is kill 20 of any enemy. Then you’ll be tasked with assisting several people in their own battles across the island, each marked as important enough to show you their own health bar. After succeeding enough to have the war progress bar move to full, the resistance will be waiting for you at The Hive.

Fly over to The Hive and take out the remaining enemy forces. Then, destroy the four anti-air drones on the roof, and then the mech inside the courtyard. Behind you will be a button to push, and under the button will be two yellow blockages to tether off the door.

Once the rebels are in the courtyard, you will all be ambushed by the Black Hand. After a fight with them, you’ll enter the building with one of the rebel leaders. They will hack open the door for you, and now the only way down is with a mech. Take the one nearby and push the pressure switch to ride the elevator down.

After the long ride, pull down on the two switches and you’ll enter a room full of chaos objects and enemies. The goal is to take out the objects, but wiping out the enemies doesn’t hurt. When all is destroyed, three boats will try to leave the base before it’s too late for them. Make sure they don’t escape. When they join their fellow members in death, escape The Hive before it blows, and watch the final cutscene.

When doing these missions, you should try to destroy as many enemy vehicles as you can with Force Pulse. If you need a video guide on how to do This Is Not A Fireball, the link can be found on the Misc Trophies page.

There will be only two new Gear Challenges for you to get five gears in, and both are Mech Arenas, consisting of several waves of enemies to kill.

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