10. Just Cause 3 Misc TrophiesUpdate notes

As with the trophies in many games, there are ones considered miscellaneous. The link below contains a playlist for most of these trophies, and the miscellaneous trophies for the Air, Land, & Sea DLC as well.

Just Cause 3 | Misc Trophies

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These first three come extremely easily as you progress through the game. Chaos increases by destroying chaos objects, enemy vehicles, or performing certain actions.

For the feat trophies, you will have to find your feats by going to the leaderboards, selecting your feat scores, then choosing one to call someone out on. Then, have someone call you out on a feat as well, and beat it. Finally, perform all the different feats for the last trophy. The feat you should save for last is Endless Runner, done with a wooden soapbox car at Cima Leon: CentCom. You need to ride in the car for a certain distance and then leave it whenever you feel like it. Don't do this feat until you've done all others; there have been reports of the trophy glitching if you do it beforehand.

Encounters come often in Medici, and are marked automatically when they appear. You're going to want to complete as many of these as you can when you're not occupied with something else, at least until you get the trophies you need. After doing these little side objectives, you unlock either a church (which clears heat when you enter it) or a supply point. You also need to hide in a church at Heat Level 5. If you already completely liberated Medici, you can reset all settlements after you beat the main story.

For Top of the World, get up to the tallest point in Medici. The video guide will show you where this is and how to get there.

For ...Without Bullets! you will have to take over a military base (cannot be a normal settlement or anything like that) without weapons or any sort of explosive, including GE-64. A perfect time to do this is the beginning of the game, where you have to liberate Vis Electra. It may take a couple deaths, but eventually you should take the base using only tethers and melee; since Vis Electra has turbine blocks, these cannot be destroyed with tethers, so just punch them out using cn_O.

For the next trophy, you must take a booster explosive and put it on an enemy soldier. Booster explosives are unlocked with 7/60 gears in the explosives mods, obtained in Crash Bomb Challenges. The best way to do this is to tether a soldier to a wall by first unlocking the 2x Tethers mod from 3/20 gears from Scrapyard Scramble Challenges, giving you four tethers to use. Tether all four limbs of a soldier to a wall, and try to keep him alive. Put the booster explosive anywhere on him and let him go. Soon after, if you want to see a show, release the tethers to see him fly off.

To easily find a gas canister, travel to Guardia Lacos I, in Insula Fonte's Lacos province. Tether an enemy to one of these canister (or one of your allies in a turret nearby if you've liberated the outpost) and then shoot the canister to launch the poor guy into the air.

Also in the province of Lacos, find Cima Leon: Silo and locate the tank within the base. Do not, under any circumstances, allow a single chaos object to be destroyed unless while you're in the tank, firing away at them. Once you liberate the base by staying only in the tank, the last miscellaneous trophy will unlock. If you've already liberated Cima Leon: Silo, try using an endgame tank after you get all other trophies on an enemy controlled base. If you still cannot get the trophy, you can reset all settlements after the main story, but wait until you have only this trophy left to go.

Finally, getting 100% in the in-game counter will grant you what you've been gearing for this whole time.

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