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    28 Jul 2013
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    Be ready to hit the buttons at the right time and go for a thrill ride of survival on Isla Nurbar. Catch up with the loose ends from the movie, and get to know some characters that were only mentioned.

    Telltale games picks up where Spielbergs movie left in ‘93. Fight and flee from the dinosaurs on the island. Get to know what happened with the aerosol can containing the dinosaur embryos that Dennis Nedry lost. You’ll also get to see the welcome center diminished after the Tyrannosaur Rex, not to mention that you’ll be on your toes when entering the kitchen…

    Without going into too many details, as I surely would end up spoiling some details that you should experience on your own, I can tell a little bit: You’ll now know what happened to the embryos, and a little more detail on why the bad guys wanted to steal them. You’ll discover that the people behind the park wanted more than just a big zoo; they wanted to make an amusement park as well. Experience the thrill ride on the roller coaster while fighting off hungry dinosaurs and make a few stealth kills on velociraptors.

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    The only one you really will meet from the movie is Dennis Nedry’s dead body in the car, just before you are supposed to look for the embryos… other than the dinosaurs of course. Here’s a short overview on who you’re gonna meet on your adventure on Isla Nurbar; Nima who seems to be a paid mercenary, Gerry Harding and his daughter Jessica, Doctor Sorking who cares very much about the dinosaurs and a couple mercenaries who are sent in to save the last couple survivors on the island, Oscar and Billy.

    The game suffers from annoying frame rate drops – a quick search on other reviews confirmed the problem, and I could breathe again; it wasn't my PS3 that was about to break. Seeing other reviewers mention it in their writings just confirmed how horrid the drops really is because normally, a reviewer won’t mention this (early stage of the game and shouldn't be the main focus in a review and all that) normally.

    Jurassic Park; The Game is licensed all the way through. From the font over the characters to the look of the dinosaurs ending with the amazing soundtrack, that really recalls that feeling you had when you watched the movie for the first time. It still tickles all the way down my back when I hear the memorable tune.

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    While the dinosaurs seems a little less intimidating than in the movies, they are still pretty darn good at making you jump in your seat when you feel their teeth brush your leg… I mean the character on the screens leg. Voice acting is, incredibly enough, up to par with most other titles that are heavy dependent on the story.

    The gameplay is somewhat boring as it only consists of quick time events. As the story rolls by, the player has to be ready for pushing the right button at the right time to help the character in the game surviving. The plot is great, storytelling is decent, and the story itself holds up quite well, and includes a few twists that will surprise most fans of the movies.

    Hit; Voice acting. While there were a few times where it was being overplayed a bit, it didn't matter much – besides this happens in even the best movies. Also, the grid of playable characters was quite entertaining. A few and challenging puzzles included in the game makes for a nice break from quick time events and dialogues.

    Miss; Too strict. It wasn't madly boring that the gameplay consisted of almost only quick time events, but only one thing made me like playing it; the story and my curiousness for what happened on that island – and the fact that the game didn't punished the player easily when making mistakes. Games with dialogues where the player makes the decision on responses to the NPC’s can get to me – I can get frustrated if I have to go over the same conversation over and over again.

    Needed; One word: Open-world. This game would have kicked some seriously butt if it was an open world game. Exploring Isla Nurbar on your own, meeting random dinosaurs and completing quests/missions. A multiplayer mode in which you could choose to be human and try to survive, or be a dinosaur, carnivores chasing humans and herbivores – 3 factions if you will. Could even be more factions, both for humans and dinosaurs.

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    Funderballs_007Hi, Just wondering how this stacks up against TellTales other game The Walking Dead? I loved that game and wanted to know how this compares to that? Jurassic is a bit pricey on the AUS marketplace at $43.95 for the full game. Thanks.
    Posted by Funderballs_007 on 30 Jul 13 at 00:41
    CassiopeiaGamesI'd wait until a sale or something. It's quicktime events all the way through (or at least 90-95% from what I remember). And no emotions per se, that the walking dead had which made it good. It's not worth 40 bucks, not when I give the game a 6. A 40 bucks game is 8+ in score IMO.
    Posted by CassiopeiaGames on 30 Jul 13 at 08:36
    Funderballs_007Okay thanks for the info, yeah i thought $44 was a little steep for it.
    Posted by Funderballs_007 on 31 Jul 13 at 00:54
    daemont101It's 99c now in the US if you haven't picked it up by now
    Posted by daemont101 on 19 Apr 14 at 02:24
    CassiopeiaGamesHe's from australia. :)
    Posted by CassiopeiaGames on 19 Apr 14 at 11:50
    LunchCannon54It's pretty damn simple to make a US account and get them there (that's what I did). Actually better than I thought and the characters are quite charming.
    Posted by LunchCannon54 on 19 Apr 14 at 17:13
    CassiopeiaGamesYeah, but it requires yo make a second acc and buy a US psn card that might not use all up. :)
    Posted by CassiopeiaGames on 19 Apr 14 at 18:40
    rabidpanda513Bought all the episodes for 99c during a sale, finally started it last night. Initial reaction is that the action sequences are entertaining but then there are segments that have you just pounding the buttons trying to move on. Also it really seems like something that should have been held a few months longer to polish; the framerate is crap, like you mentioned, and transitions between scenes was awkward (characters would just freeze for a few seconds until the fade to black). But for 99c I can't complain since I'm a JP junkie
    Posted by rabidpanda513 on 31 May 14 at 14:12
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