Jurassic Park: The Depths

PlayStation 3

Jurassic Park: The Depths Trophies

Most Earned

Those Poor People!
Those Poor People!30TrophyTypeWitness the helicopter crash.
Hatching a Plan
Hatching a Plan15TrophyTypeGet Yoder to agree to help sell the embryos.
Don't Drop the Babies!
Don't Drop the Babies!15TrophyTypeRecover the canister.
Stopping the Stalkers
Stopping the Stalkers15TrophyTypeSurvive the raptor attack in the tunnels.

Least Earned

Raptor!17TrophyTypeFight a velociraptor with no slipups.
¡Andale! ¡Arriba!
¡Andale! ¡Arriba!17TrophyTypeEscape flawlessly from the T.rex by way of the Parasauralophus Pen.
Pipe Team
Pipe Team100TrophyTypeMake no mistakes during the raptor attack in the tunnels.
The Art of the Deal
The Art of the Deal33TrophyTypeConvince Yoder to help sell the canister with the minimum number of choices.
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