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Jazzpunk Trophies

Most Earned

Face Infectors
Face Infectors30TrophyTypeDefeat a microscopic squadron of bacteriophage
Data mole
Data mole30TrophyTypeSmuggle a carrier pigeon into the next level
Essense of Pigeon
Essense of Pigeon91TrophyTypeSpray 3 people with pheromones
Long Distance Charges
Long Distance Charges15TrophyTypeExplore the rotary phone menu options

Least Earned

The End
The End187TrophyTypeNow go outside
Clean As A Whistle
Clean As A Whistle16TrophyTypeFind and utilize a bidet
Jacques Voyeur: Room Explorer
Jacques Voyeur: Room Explorer16TrophyTypeExplore other guest rooms at the resort
DJ Polyblank
DJ Polyblank31TrophyTypeScratch two compact disc records
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Playstation Store Update: October 28th, 2016

We missed the week of October 14th because I was away. We missed last week because DDoS attacks prevented access to the Playstation Stores. This week, nothing is going to stop us and we have a mega roundup for you.

Posted 1 year ago by Rebecca Smith, 0 comments

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