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Most Earned

Orientation Day Graduate
Orientation Day Graduate15TrophyTypeComplete your first Hell's Gate visit.
Digital Bookworm
Digital Bookworm32TrophyTypeUnlock 20 Pandorapedia articles.
War's Begun
War's Begun17TrophyTypeComplete Blue Lagoon
Did we win?
Did we win?20TrophyTypeSurvive the RDA attack in Iknimaya.

Least Earned

Jack of All Skills
Jack of All Skills84TrophyTypeUse every Rank 4 skill 20 times.
Clean Sweep of Pandora
Clean Sweep of Pandora245TrophyTypeComplete every Sector Challenge in the game.
Hanging Gardens Clean Sweep
Hanging Gardens Clean Sweep38TrophyTypeComplete all Sector Challenges in the Hanging Gardens.
Va'erä Ramunong Clean Sweep
Va'erä Ramunong Clean Sweep38TrophyTypeComplete all Sector Challenges in Va'erä Ramunong.
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