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Take A Look At Izle In This Gameplay Trailer

With the Kickstarter for Izle in full gear, developer Area Effect is trying to get gamers to notice their adventure RPG terraforming game. They have released screenshots and even an Alpha trailer to

Posted 7 years ago by knight0fkh0nshu

New Izle Screens Are Illuminating

Developer Area Effect are hard at work on their first game for consoles called Izle. We have been following this game since it was announced through the Kickstarter program. Since then, we have seen

Posted 7 years ago by knight0fkh0nshu

Izle Releases New Alpha Trailer

We've been following the progress of the kickstarter project, Izle since it was announced and covered the first trailer. Now the team behind the game has released a new updated trailer. Although the

Posted 7 years ago by NexusGrunt

Izle Screens Get World-Building

A set of new screens has been unveiled for upcoming terraforming title, Izle. The sandbox RPG grants players with godlike powers via "Shards of Light", allowing them to build up worlds of their own c

Posted 7 years ago by Chewie

New Izle Alpha Trailer Released

Earlier this week, it was announced that the adventure RPG, Izle, would be coming to Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 courtesy of developer Area Effect. Along with that announcement was an Alpha trail

Posted 7 years ago by Matrarch

Izle Announced For PS3 and PS4

Developer Area Effect, a studio consisting of Ubisoft veterans, has just announced their first game for a Playstation titled Izle. This 3D action-adventure RPG lets players build their own world by t

Posted 7 years ago by knight0fkh0nshu