3. Island Time VR Story walkthroughUpdate notes

Walthrough time!

I tend to categorize the trophies beforehand to get the most out of the first playthroughs, but with Island Time VR we need to do some annoying things first!

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General progression trophies

These trophies will usually pop when you play through the first five times, get the hang of things, try to survive long enough.

To get these just progress through the game. This Might Help will pop when you craft your first tool. That's done by combining the Bamboo sticks with various objects in the game. For your first playthrough, pick up a Bamboo stick and a Rock because you will be doing a lot of spearfishing. Then die if you had enough of the first minutes on the island, this will unlock The First of Many.

Survival time trophies

Got the hang of it? Good! Try surviving for 20 minutes to pop these:

These are easy as pie if you get the first few playthroughs in and can be obtained with a single playthrough if done right.

Special actions

Trophies where you need to perform a special action to complete

This is a speedy one. When you spawn, immediately grab the rocks, light the fire and hold it. If you are fast enough this will take about 9.5 seconds or so to kill you. So this will rack up the Participation Award too. That and accidentally burning yourself and your stuff with when trying to get Burn It Down.

Pick up the radio, throw it in the water, the music will stop playing too so if it annoys you, there's the way to shut it off.

Pick up a rock, and throw it at a seagull, preferably when it is on the nearest rock.

Some Coconuts have a rubber duck inside. Keep it aside and when the seagull lands on the nearest rock, whack it with the ducky!

This needs some preparation, try to get accustomed with breaking and eating coconuts. Then when you feel good about it play through as normal but try to only eat fish. Since these give you loads of health you will have five whole coconuts in no-time. Then, break these and try to lay them out a bit for you to grab fast. When you are ready, start eating them in a rush and the trophy pops.

  • Bamboozled

    Trick a seagull into stealing a poison fish

    Offline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.External Content - These trophies require content outside the game or input devices other than the system default.

Sometimes poisonous fish will spawn in the water, these are the same as the normal blue-back fish but then they have a purple back. Cook them and lay them aside to the left of the fireplace. Then let the seagulls do their magic. Since they tend to go for easy targets they will pick up the poisonous fish pretty fast.

Where Speed Eater needs you to have a lot of coconuts, Ding Ding Ding needs you to spare up on fish. To do so, try to stockpile coconuts and a few cooked fish, but not many, use them only if needed. You will need to have a lot of uncooked fish to guarantee you the trophy, let's say six or seven. Cook a seagull if you can too to unlock A Secret Blend of Herbs and Spices too. Then if you have enough uncooked fish laying aside, try to cook them all at once with enough fire under them. It doesn't matter if you grab them or let them burn. If you take too long without eating any fish, you can pick up The Gill-Free Diet as well in this playthrough.

To do this, you can go about it a few ways. You can try to get the seagull to catch some freshly made food that's still in the fire. This will light them up. You can use the Bamboo + coconut combo to light them on fire as well. Once succesfully done standby to catch the cooked chicken that they leave behind.

This trophy can be earned by using your coconuts sparingly, and burning the very first seagull you come across. Do not touch the fish! When three minutes passed and you've just eaten coconuts and maybe a seagull, the trophy will pop.

Probably the most fun trophy in the game! Combine a Bamboo stick with Wood to create the lantern (Or do it with the coconuts). Light it on fire and to through all the vegetation. Once everything is burned, you are left with a deserted wasteland and the Burn It Down trophy.

When you survive long enough, starfish will start to arrive in boxes, pick it up and eat it when you need to.


Just die 20 times, combine this with Burn It Down.

The Participation Award trophy is why you need to die at least 20 times, it's a fairly stupid trophy but doing this in combination with Burn It Down will get your scores up fast. While on longer playthroughs you can try to craft all the tools for the What a Tool trophy. The craftable objects are as follows.

  • Bamboo + Rock (Spear)
  • Bamboo + Wood (Lantern if you light this on fire)
  • Bamboo + Half coconut (Can be lit on fire)
  • Bamboo + Whole coconut (Can be lit on fire)
  • Bamboo + Monocle (Can be used to burn things without any fuel, when you run out of rocks for example)
  • Bamboo + Carl's crab hand (Creates a grabbing stick)
  • Bamboo + Skull (Creates a Skull on a stick)
  • Two monocles will yield glasses but this is not needed for the trophy

Keep eating and surviving for the unlocking of Hungry Hungry Castaway.


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