Invokers Tournament (EU)

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Invokers Tournament (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

Lemme at 'em!
Lemme at 'em!16TrophyTypeDefeat all the members of an enemy team during an online battle.
Wanderer26TrophyTypeFinish all the missions of Anundabar.
4th Division
4th Division42TrophyTypeRise to 4th Division in a Season. (SOLO game)
3rd Division
3rd Division47TrophyTypeRise to 3rd Division in a Season. (SOLO game)

Least Earned

The Collector
The Collector244TrophyTypeFully equip your character with level 60 items.
Champion554TrophyTypePlace yourself amongst the top 100 in a Season.
Weapon Master
Weapon Master89TrophyTypeEquip a level 40 or higher weapon.
They Call Me Death
They Call Me Death72TrophyTypeDefeat 30 enemies during an online challenge.
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