Invincible Knight

PlayStation 3

Invincible Knight Trophies

Most Earned

First step
First step15TrophyTypeFinish the first stage.
War hero
War hero18TrophyTypeKill 10000 enemies.
Jousting winner
Jousting winner20TrophyTypeDefeat the Legatus in Stage 2.
Knight of BOOST
Knight of BOOST22TrophyTypeAchieve EXCELLENT BOOST 100 times.

Least Earned

Perfection193TrophyTypeGet S rank in all difficulties and stages.
Self-Challenger59TrophyTypeComplete the game at the hardest difficulty setting.
Saviour of the kingdom
Saviour of the kingdom27TrophyTypeComplete the game under any difficulty setting.
Knight of STRIKING
Knight of STRIKING27TrophyTypePerform a 6 CHAIN STRIKING.
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