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Posted on 07 July 16 at 22:03
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An intense technical fighter, in the same vein as Mortal Kombat, made by the same team (NetherRealm Studios).

Using the DC license to it's fullest, Injustice: Gods Among Us focuses on what appears to be an all new story, that actually works quite well. There's an alternate universe where Superman has lost his way, killed Lois Lane and destroying Metropolis (not really shown) due to the Joker's tricks. Superman ends up killing the joker. Characters from the normal comic's continuity (Earth 2?) cross over, and it tells a story over a number of battles and cutscenes where famous characters come into conflict.

All that's to say there's viable and solid reasons why Batman and Superman fight, as well as all sorts of other match ups.

Of course that's JUST the story mode. The game has a standard progression mode, a mission mode (Earn stars by completing different challenges), online multiplayer and the rest that someone expects from a fighting game. And the Ultimate Edition version also includes all the DC characters as well to add more longevity into the game.

That being said it's a fighting game, so the combat is what is' important. And the fighting in Injustice is Solid, if a touch uninspired. Most of the characters's moves fit into a street fighter move list. Quarter circle forwards, or back, back and forward or similar move sets. There's nothing as complicated as Zangiefs moves, but at the same time, the faster move sets allow the user to pop them at will.

The game also moves quite fast, so while most moves are blockable it takes a little skill to properly block (or use a move that counters it). At the same time the move lists are made available when pausing the game so there's not a lot of challenge to memorize the list (and no list is overly long. Around 10 moves a character, some lower, some duplicates (air + ground versions).

There's three other elements worth mentioning, There's a super meter that can be spent in a number of ways to change up the fight for the very technical fighters. Second there's a "Wager" move, that you have to spend to try to cause damage to the opponent. Finally each character has a super move, that if it hits, causes MASSIVE damage to the opponent. It's harder to pull off and takes time to build up but they are the game changers.

One last thing that distinguishes the game is the environments. The player can interact with the background to trigger different things to damage their opponent, evade their opponent, or add a weapon to use against their opponents. In addition the players can send their opponents through the walls at times, to add huge damage, and go to a different location. These work to great effect. Sometimes they feel unbalanced or unfair, but they work well the majority of time, and definitely add to the epic battles happening on the screen.

Overall Injustice is a great fighter. It's not perfect, and heavily relies on the DC licenses. It has a superman who can somehow lose fights to almost anyone, and an aquaman that is kind of cool, but overall it's a worthy addition to the fighting genre, and heavily packed with a ton of content.
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Posted on 22 July 15 at 19:10
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A really fun and addictive fighting game , just wish there were a lot more various characters. The problem is that it mostly feels like a game dedicated to batman. Most of heroes, enemies, and fighting stages are from batman. The fighting style is pretty easy to learn and easy to get used too . Overall it is a great game to play , it has tons of S.T.A.R.S missions, battle modes, and other fun activities to keep you busy. Oh and platinum hunters be aware the ranking system in this game isn't a fan of yours . You need million around 14 million XP to get that 100 so good luck to you !
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