Players that want to boost this game

Gamer Trophies Won TT XP Presence
Canada AustinH96663 AustinH96663Disk drive on my PS4 Slim is not working again. Time to get it fixed for the third time... or maybe just use it for digital and get a pro for cheap 64 1,909
Germany Banetopia BanetopiaOh no! It's the unchangeable status!!! 68 2,045
Netherlands CynthiaWM89 CynthiaWM89 44 1,279
USA doomedtolive doomedtolive 53 1,570
USA imb3ast4life880 imb3ast4life880Currently working on: Injustice 2, Black ops 3 27 734
USA Nuwisha NuwishaI would do unsavory things for an HD remake of Skies of Arcadia with an app (Vita or phone) replica of Pinta's Quest 69 2,419
England RegularDamo RegularDamo 42 1,142
SurvivalRate_0 SurvivalRate_0Well, I'm gonna be broke... God of War, Assassins Creed Origins, Anthem, Spiderman, Uncharted, Metro 59 2,072
USA tilomite tilomite 74 3,411
USA vickig86 vickig86That guys a manic, Why'd he bite me? 3 55