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Listen To This Boss Track From Indivisible

Lab Zero Games has released another track from their upcoming action RPG Indivisible. This one - Unexpected Collision - will be what players will hear when they're up against some of the game's bosses.

Posted 4 months ago by Andy Mills, 0 comments

Lab Zero Reveal Another Character Update For Indivisible

Following on from a couple of visual updates to characters a few months back, Lab Zero Games has updated a third character from the upcoming RPG Indivisible, the Native American-inspired Nuna.

Posted 9 months ago by Andy Mills, 0 comments

Lab Zero Games Reveals Another Audio Track From New RPG Indivisible

Lab Zero Games released another piece of music from the upcoming action-RPG title, Indivisible. Composer Hiroki Kikuta wrote the personal theme for the game's character Anja, but what does it say about her personality?

Posted 9 months ago by NexusGrunt, 0 comments

Two New Videos for Indivisible

Hear from Tania Gunadi, the voice of Ajna, and take a look behind the scenes of the game, with a little bit of gameplay thrown in for good measure.

Posted 9 months ago by Lexley Ford, 0 comments

Preview of Indivisible Battle Gameplay

After months of soundtrack releases, Indivisible finally gets a new trailer. This time around, we preview the combat system.

Posted 11 months ago by Will Cruz, 0 comments

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