In Celebration of Violence Trophies

Full list of all 49 In Celebration of Violence trophies - 44 bronze, 1 silver, 3 gold and 1 platinum.

  • I'm the violence

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  • Hoarder

    I filled my bag with every good I could find. I'll eventually either sell it all or make myself some nice weapons. (Collect 99 of each resource)

  • Efficient execution

    It would have taken too long to do each prisoner independently, so I lined them up and killed them all with one swing.

  • At veil's door

    I'll die if I don't stop the bleeding.

  • Cold snap

    I knew he could see me with those frozen eyes. One quick thrust and blood welled up through a hole in the ice. He never had a chance. Kill a frozen enemy. Nearly die, then heal. Easiest to do by letting yourself almost completely bleed out.

  • healthy

    i need to stay as healthy as possible.

  • Death by flaming arrow

    I've found a way to scare off bears and other large beasts. If I'm lucky I may end up cooking dinner too. Kill something with a flaming arrow (shoot it through fire, or while on fire)

  • Storm brewin

    No time to even react. There was a flash and an incomprehensibly loud noise. A moment later the three bandits laid smoldering on the scorched ground. Kill 3 enemies with 1 bolt of lightning.

  • Toro

    The boar is beginning its charge. Now is the time to strike! Kill a boar while it's starting it's charge?

  • Popular

    I will need at least ten loyal followers to take up my cause. Recruit ten followers. (Flies count, as do animated plants (spell), probably also Alarm Bell fires)

  • The greatest memory

    These shards of crystallized experience are scattered everywhere. I've counted at least five hundred so far. Think of all the memories I'll have! Have 500 unspent experience during a run. Note: Stacks with Experience Trader

  • Lord of the flies

    Is there even a man amongst that cloud of flies?

  • Smithy

    Why go to all the trouble of purchasing and transporting steel ingots when I can just break down the five or so weapons I keep at home? Break 5 weapons in 1 run

  • Forgemaster

    Day in, run the forge. Day out, run the forge. Only fifty ingots and already me arms are near to fall off. Make 50 ingots using a forge.

  • Should have been there

    There was nothing I could do... The fight was over but he was bleeding badly and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I just kept walking. (Happened when my bloodmage companion bleed to death. not sure what caused...)

  • Defensive

    Go ahead tire yourself out upon my shield. Block a large amount of enemy attacks with a shield. (Just keep blocking til you get the achievement)

  • Learned

    I poured through the library and found five books that should be of great help to me. Now to deal with my insatiable thirst...

  • Pious

    My god loves me. I have dedicated my life to him and he'll surely not abandon me now. Right? Reach maximum favor with a god (indicated by number of white lit candles around the shrine).

  • Backstabber

    All these soldiers always yelling about honor on the battlefield. I'll stick to the shadows, thank you. Honor means little when you're dead.

  • Bloodied bandit

    I've a sizable bag of coin now and all it took was five murders. Kill 5 civilians.

  • Vengeance for the meek

    I may be a simple farmer. But the warmonger has gone too far. He has to die. Defeat Shield as the peasant.

  • The bloody sacrifice

    I've performed this ritual three times already. Activate 3 blood mage rituals in one run

  • Perfect shot

    Think I can get them both if I aim just right... Kill two enemies with a single arrow.

  • Surpassing the master

    Just how much of a mage could a chunk of obsidian really be anyway? The time for praying is over. Now is the time for some new blood.

  • Battle ready

    Never enter a battle without your armor. This suit has protected me for decades. Have a bunch of armour

  • Humble godslayer

    I do not need any useless memories to distract me from my task.

  • Elementalist

    The only way to truly appreciate magic is to master its every form.

  • To the death

    I'm not done yet... and you'll be coming with me! Defeat a boss while bleeding out.

  • Weapon mastery

    I have a dozen different weapons here. Any of them will suit my needs.

  • Kingslayer

    He may be imprisoned, but that is no justice for his crimes. My army will show him true justice. Kill Brearg with the Solider

  • Arms dealer

    I have recently purchased five marvelous weapons.

  • Fractured mind

    All these different memories... I do not know who I am anymore.

  • One solution

    Pray to thousandfold that you may continue to incite violence. But don't pray too hard. Pray too hard.

  • All i see is red

    Did i do this...? maybe what they say about me is true.

  • Weaponsmith

    It is going to take at least a hundred ingots to make every weapon I want.

  • Masterful lock picking

    Fine! I don't need a key anyway! I will just smash it open!

  • Experienced trader

    I've enough goods to make a hefty profit. Buy a lot of experience at a shop.

  • Treasure hunter

    have four treasure maps here. Mayhap I can decipher them all! Find 4 treasures in one run?

  • Back to the grindstone

    It started out as just a simple weapon. Now I am sure it could slay a god. Get a weapon up to +10.

  • Ghost

    I made it through...nobody even knows I was here. Complete a level without being detected.

  • My hands are clean

    Defeat a god without attacking him with your weapon (spells and allies are fine).

  • A world dies

    The children of Sow shall stand no longer. Destroy a hundred or half again as many and let us see this sleeping god react. Chop down 150 trees in 1 run.

  • experimental liquids

    Ten vials. All different colors. Let us see what happens. Chemist Identify 10 potions in one run.

  • The cursed one

    What are the odds of finding him here? At least a hundred to one.

  • I survived the plague

    For three score days the disease ate away at my body and my lifespan has certainly been reduced to a fraction of what it once was.

  • No weapon required

    A weapon is far too impersonal for this denizen of violence. I only trust my fists. Defeat a boss using only your fists.

  • A mutually assured death

    The half dozen heathens thought me dead. My wounds may be fatal but my resolve is stronger than ever. None of us will leave this room alive. Kill 6 enemies while bleeding out.

  • Simple weapon proficiency

    Who needs all those fancy weapons? I have my trusty blade right here. I call her Godkiller. Never even been sharpened

  • No time to lose

    I reached my journey's end in only fifteen minutes.