INK Trophies

Full list of all 16 INK trophies - 12 bronze and 4 silver.

  • INKtroduction

    Welcome to INK. Good luck! (Die the First Time)

  • INKompetent

    How can you be so bad? (Die 10 times in less than 30 seconds)

  • INKjustice

    What did it ever do you? (Defeat the First Boss)

  • INKarnation

    They just keep coming back! (Defeat 300 enemies)

  • INKsolent

    Better show some respect (Defeat the Second Boss)

  • INKapacited

    Are you OK? (Die 500 times)

  • INKling

    i had a feeling something was here...(Find and collect 5 hidden coins)

  • INKfamous

    I've heard bad things about you... (Defeat the Third Boss)

  • INKoming

    Didn't see me coming now, did ya? (Defeat 6 enemies without touching the ground)

  • INKvisible

    Find 10 hidden messages (Find and collect 10 hidden coins)

  • INKgenious

    Didn't know you could do that (Beat Level 66 without Double Jumping)

  • INKognito

    Should hide things better next time (Find and collect 20 hidden coins)

  • INKredible

    You really are amazing! (100% the game)

  • INKvinsible

    Nothing can stop you (Beat World 1 without dying)

  • INKfirmary

    How have you not had a heart attack yet? (Beat World 2 without dying)

  • INKferno

    You probably went throught hell to get this. (Beat World 3 without dying)