ICEY (HK/CN) Trophies

Full list of all 34 ICEY (HK/CN) trophies - 14 bronze, 16 silver, 3 gold and 1 platinum.

  • Buy Another Copy!

    Witness secrets of development in the "Archive Room"

  • Gate Crasher

    Ignore the narrator and enter Emberville before the gate closes

  • Black Star Rises

    And in the dark of night, the unfathomable Black Star rises

  • People Are Pigs

    Select "Not Ready" before the final battle

  • SHIO

    Enter level "Shio"

  • CEO and Miss Perfect

    Earn sponsorship for the game


    Discover the truth of ICEY's birth

  • And the Next Song is...?

    Destroy the background music player

  • The Abyss Watches Back

    Confront the Yellow King in the monitor room

  • "Outside" Fire

    Encourage the narrator to meet the tip of a bullet

  • True Love

    Do not kill Dahal's self which lives within Trinity

  • Modern Day Pandora's Box

    Break open Pandora's box

  • To Meet You Again

    Witness the birth of ICEY's self-awareness

  • Follow the Leader

    Enter the real "game" with the narrator

  • Trinity's Chains

    Defeat Trinity Trinity could not stop this cycle, nor can she ever stop the wheel of reincarnation from spinning.

  • Gorger's Apathy

    Defeat Gorger Gorger was a simple resident of Ultimopolis that sacrificed himself to Judas without regret... or any other feelings.

  • Thor's Loyalty

    Defeat Thor Thor understood Judas' ultimate goal, and paid the ultimate price of splitting his self to serve Judas.

  • Parker's Lost Heart

    Defeat Parker Parker, betrayed by Judas, retreated with no conscience to the dark corners of the metro.

  • Carlos' Ambitions

    Defeat Carlos Carlos was fed up with the constant sacrifice of his self in each reincarnation. His solution? Kill and replace the Chosen One.

  • Jack's Faith

    Defeat Jack While Jack's faith is unwavering, being banished to the furthest corner of the world left him unable to even come close to the Chosen One.

  • Ideon's Resignation

    Defeat Ideon Ideon's self was slowly destroyed through the process of never-ending reincarnation, leaving him even more vulnerable to Judas' manipulation.

  • Dahal's Pain

    Defeat Dahal Only in a virtual world is such a thing possible... To mix two beings' memories... Because of this, Dahal short-circuited.

  • Trinity's Self

    Defeat Trinity Even after her memories were mixed with another's, Trinity still tried to prevent the birth of the Chosen One. That was, of course, futile.

  • Judas' Repentance

    Defeat Judas Judas had long ago given up his struggle. As he ascended the Clock Tower, the Black Star rose once more.