PlayStation 4

ICEY (HK/CN) Trophies

Most Earned

Trinity's Chains
Trinity's Chains15TrophyTypeDefeat Trinity Trinity could not stop this cycle, nor can she ever stop the wheel of reincarnation from spinning.
Follow the Leader
Follow the Leader15TrophyTypeEnter the real "game" with the narrator
Gorger's Apathy
Gorger's Apathy15TrophyTypeDefeat Gorger Gorger was a simple resident of Ultimopolis that sacrificed himself to Judas without regret... or any other feelings.
Once Isn't Enough
Once Isn't Enough15TrophyTypeDo not wake up ICEY

Least Earned

To Meet You Again
To Meet You Again93TrophyTypeWitness the birth of ICEY's self-awareness
Hastur187TrophyTypeEarn all trophies
True Love
True Love31TrophyTypeDo not kill Dahal's self which lives within Trinity
Trinity's Self
Trinity's Self31TrophyTypeDefeat Trinity Even after her memories were mixed with another's, Trinity still tried to prevent the birth of the Chosen One. That was, of course, futile.
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