Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory Trophies

Full list of all 42 Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory trophies - 24 bronze, 15 silver, 2 gold and 1 platinum.

  • Avid Newsie

    "Extra, extra! You saw every Nepstation episode! Oh yeah, didn't this game get a perfect score on there!?" -Neptune

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  • It's Scoutin' Time!

    "It's kinda bleh that Noire taught me how to use Scouts, but I got this keen trophy for using them or whatever!" -Neptune

  • Forward to the Past

    "Whoa, the Scouts found 10 Lost Places! I wonder if they found my stash of candied cookies..." -Neptune

  • Combo Maker

    "So you finally made a combo all your own, huh? Is it pizza-flavored?" -Neptune

  • Item Developer

    "I know I developed an item so I could use it, but bawwwww! I put my heart into it..." -Neptune

  • Mad Item Developer

    "I've seriously made 100 items!? May as well quit my day job as a goddess!" -Neptune

  • 100-million Credit Limit

    "Whoa! I saved up 100,000,000 Credits! I dunno if anyone needs that much, but it's like free food for life!" -Neptune

  • Egg of Game Creation

    "I totally burned my own game disc! And my thumb! And my index finger. And my nose." -Neptune

  • Hatched Game Creator

    "They said I made a 'Godly Game' disc. Too bad this one isn't for sale, stinkers!" -Neptune

  • Aww, Exercise...

    "I know this is my first fight in a while, but...level one!? Ya gotta be joshin' me!" -Neptune

  • Fit for Fighting

    "Congratulations to me! I mowed down over 100 baddies. Think I ran away like way more than that?" -Neptune

  • Battle Master

    "And so, the invincible Neptune battled 500 times, risking life and limb. Haha, yeah, I can sound cool if I want!" -Neptune

  • Nice Hits, Lady!

    "Secret skill: Nep-Nep's 100 HITS! Wait, I don't have to get all 100 myself? Aw, plungers..." -Neptune

  • Massive Damage

    "Wow! 100,000 damage! I guess unless you find someone's who's like, 'I got Infinity+1 HP!' you can one-hit KO anyone!" -Neptune

  • Level Cap Found!

    "Well well well, who reached level 99 first? It was me, right? IT WAS ME RIGHT!?!?" -Neptune

  • Top of Their Class

    "Everyone's level 99 now! We're totally the bestest ever! Secret bosses ain't no thang! P-Probably..." -Neptune

  • Quest Master

    "So we're at Quest Rank S? I can't believe they'd promote a slacker like me! Yokes on them!" -Neptune

  • Hot Stuff: Neptune

    "Everyone's Lily Rank is maxed out with me! Wow, it looks like I'm all kinds of popular!" -Neptune

  • Hot Stuff: Plutia

    "Everyone's Lily Rank is maxed out with Plutia! I guess it's more like Plutie made everyone into her pets..." -Neptune

  • Hot Stuff: Noire

    "Oh, everyone's Lily Rank is maxed out with Noire? She's probably all like, 'b-but I don't like any of you or anything!' Wanna bet!?" -Neptune

  • Hot Stuff: Blanc

    "Everyone's Lily Rank is maxed out with Blanc! When she's all calm and stuff, it's like sitting next to an oscillating fan of relaxation..." -Neptune

  • Hot Stuff: Vert

    "Everyone's Lily Rank is maxed out with Vert! Not like she needs anything else maxed out, know what I'm sayin'!?" -Neptune

  • Hot Stuff: Nepgear

    "Everyone's Lily Rank is maxed out with Nepgear!? I guess it's no surprise that my darling sister would get spoiled by everyone." -Neptune

  • Hot Stuff: Peashy

    "Everyone's Lily Rank is maxed out with Peashy! It makes me all warm and bubbly inside to see P-ko treated so well. I'm like the daddy!" -Neptune

  • Hot Stuff: Uni

    "Everyone's Lily Rank is maxed out with Uni. It's kinda funny to see my sis get all flustered 'cuz her best buddy has a zillion other friends." -Neptune

  • Hot Stuff: Rom

    "Everyone's Lily Rank is maxed out with Rom! That shy kid sure has some kind of charm!" -Neptune

  • Hot Stuff: Ram

    "Everyone's Lily Rank is maxed out with Ram! She's like a cat that gets hissy if you bug her too much. And she usually lands butter-side-down." -Neptune

  • Prologue Clear

    "Prologue complete! Our battle has only just begun!" -Neptune

  • Chapter 1 Clear

    "Chapter 1 complete! Climbing Mt. Nep-Nep is hard work, but let's go for it!" -Neptune

  • Chapter 2 Clear

    "Chapter 2 complete! But Gamindustri's history is still like, page 1." -Neptune

  • Chapter 3 Clear

    "Chapter 3 complete! The next chapter is super-duper coolios!" -Neptune

  • Chapter 4 Clear

    "Chapter 4 complete! Let's play more! I mean, if Nepgear will forgive me..." -Neptune

  • Chapter 5 Clear

    "Chapter 5 complete! What kinda Planeptune will tomorrow bring?" -Neptune

  • Chapter 6 Clear

    "Chapter 6 complete! Y'know, if I'm not in your party next time, I'm gonna flip out like a ninja." -Neptune

  • Chapter 7 Clear

    "Chapter 7 complete! Now that puts the 'hyper' in 'hyperdimension'!" -Neptune

  • Chapter 8 Clear

    "Chapter 8 complete! We won, you guys!" -Neptune

  • Chapter 9 Clear

    "Chapter 9 complete! Save the Nep-Nep, save the world!" -Neptune

  • Normal Ending

    "Well, I guess it was a Normal Ending, so let's just be happy that peace has returned." -Neptune

  • Good Ending

    "We were able to save both worlds, so this is the Good Ending! But I still gotta be all, 'I'm so sorry please forgive your sister!' to Nepgear." -Neptune

  • True Ending

    "The True Ending has to be like this! Next time, there'll be 13 Goddesses, so we'll call it Hyperbakersdozen Neptunia: mk2many! Not really..." -Neptune