Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart (Vita) Trophies

Full list of all 52 Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart trophies - 42 bronze, 7 silver, 2 gold and 1 platinum.

  • Item Tinkerer

    Developed an item. "Not bad for your first time. I look forward to more in the future."

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  • Item Inventor

    Developed 50 different items. "You've sure made a lot of items. I guess you're quite the pro now."

  • Money Talks

    Earned a total of 9,999,999 Credits. "Huh? Am I rich? Oh, it's cumulative. No reason to horde Credits, right?"

  • Game Creator

    Developed a Game Disc. "Game Disc development was a success. Let's use these to gain an advantage in battle."

  • AAA Game

    Made a [Godly Game] Disc. "I can't believe you made a Godly Game! Keep at it, okay?"

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  • Sign Here, Please

    Made your first purchase from AMAZOO.nep. "Spend your money wisely, and then gussy up my room!"

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  • Extravagance

    Got all the best stuff for Noire's room. "Wow, this place is amazing now... It's exciting to just look around!"

  • First Request

    Answered your first request with Noire. "Well, that was easy. Let's keep it up, okay?"

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  • The CPU of Gamarket

    Answered all of the requests with Noire. "I guess everyone's satisfied. I hope they are, anyway."

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  • The CPU is Back!

    Challenged your first mission. "I feel a lot weaker than before... Even so, I won't let it hold me back!"

  • Combatant

    Challenged 100 missions. "I've gotten used to fighting, but I can't let my guard down!"

  • No Surviving!

    Dealt 9,999 damage. "That was really something! Nothing can survive a hit like that."

  • Push It To The Limit

    Leveled a character to 99. "You maxed someone's level? That's...pretty dedicated of you."

  • Level-up Orchestra

    Leveled all characters to 99. "You maxed EVERYONE'S level?! Really?! Geez, you're as focused as a laser beam."

  • Sub-mission Initiate

    Challenged your first sub-mission. "You signed us up for a sub-mission? Well, let's use that system wisely."

  • Retry, Please!

    Retried a story mission for the first time. "You wanted to retry a previous fight? It feels a little paradoxical, huh?"

  • Heartthrob: Noire

    Maxed Noire's Lily Rank with everyone. "I finally have a legion of friends!"

  • Heartthrob: Neptune

    Maxed Neptune's Lily Rank with everyone. "Don't tell Noire, but this is still my game. She just got a logo."

  • Heartthrob: Blanc

    Maxed Blanc's Lily Rank with everyone. "Friends are good to have."

  • Heartthrob: Vert

    Maxed Vert's Lily Rank with everyone. "What a lively group of girls."

  • Heartthrob: Lee-Fi

    Maxed Lee-Fi's Lily Rank with everyone. "We should all try to become the best we can be!"

  • Heartthrob: Lid

    Maxed Lid's Lily Rank with everyone. "I'm friench...friends with ebbrybun?! Erm... Everyone?!"

  • Heartthrob: Resta

    Maxed Resta's Lily Rank with everyone. "I find everyone to be a precious friend."

  • Heartthrob: Estelle

    Maxed Estelle's Lily Rank with everyone. "Bonds are legendary!"

  • Heartthrob: Ein Al

    Maxed Ein Al's Lily Rank with everyone. "Thus, my fate has grown intertwined with theirs..."

  • Heartthrob: Poona

    Maxed Poona's Lily Rank with everyone. "Yaaaaaay... Everyone is my friiiiend..."

  • Heartthrob: Moru

    Maxed Moru's Lily Rank with everyone. "We're all monster hunting pals!"

  • Heartthrob: Ai Masujima

    Maxed Ai Masujima's Lily Rank with everyone. "Please help me to become an amazing idol!"

  • Heartthrob: Ryuka

    Maxed Ryuka's Lily Rank with everyone. "What a diverse group of girls. I love it."

  • Heartthrob: Blossom Aisen

    Maxed Blossom Aisen's Lily Rank with everyone. "I'd love to put on a show with you all."

  • Heartthrob: Tsunemi

    Maxed Tsunemi's Lily Rank with everyone. "Let's sing together..."

  • Heartthrob: Wyn

    Maxed Wyn's Lily Rank with everyone. "Awesome! Scrimmage match, me vs. everyone!"

  • Heartthrob: Lady Wac

    Maxed Lady Wac's Lily Rank with everyone. "Such a delectable spread of entrees to enjoy..."

  • Heartthrob: Generia G

    Maxed Generia G's Lily Rank with everyone. "I can collect data to my heart's content!"

  • Heartthrob: Saori

    Maxed Saori's Lily Rank with everyone. "Let's all enjoy the feeling of falling in love."

  • Heartthrob: Vio

    Maxed Vio's Lily Rank with everyone. "Wanna become rotten with me?"

  • Heartthrob: Sango

    Maxed Sango's Lily Rank with everyone. "Ohohohohoho! Such a pleasant offering!"

  • Heartthrob: Little Rain

    Maxed Little Rain's Lily Rank with everyone. "I'll try not to be bothersome..."

  • Prologue Cleared

    Cleared the prologue. "Our first step toward uniting Gamarket!"

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  • Chapter 1 Cleared

    Cleared Chapter 1. "This is quite a predicament, so let's work hard together."

  • Chapter 2 Cleared

    Cleared Chapter 2. "I'm happy to see my old friends coming together like this."

  • Chapter 3 Cleared

    Cleared Chapter 3. "Is being a hero that important? Why can't they both be one...?"

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  • Chapter 4 Cleared

    Cleared Chapter 4. "Ai's got guts to do what she did... Well... At least she's with us now."

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  • Chapter 5 Cleared

    Cleared Chapter 5. "Neptune is nothing but trouble. I'm glad that's settled."

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  • Chapter 6 Cleared

    Cleared Chapter 6. "Saori likes...HIM? Ack! Wh-What? I wasn't thinking about you or anything!"

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  • Chapter 7 Cleared

    Cleared Chapter 7. "Go figure. Trouble comes when when you least expect it..."

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  • Chapter 8 Cleared

    Cleared Chapter 8. "Something really bad is happening. C'mon, let's keep our guards up."

  • Chapter 9 Cleared

    Cleared Chapter 9. "Finally, peace at last! I'm so glad it's all over."

  • Good Ending

    Attained the Good Ending. "So much happened, but nothing really changed. That's okay, I guess."

  • True Ending

    Attained the True Ending. "Let's work together and protect Gamarket!"