Horse Racing 2016

Horse Racing 2016

PlayStation 4

Horse Racing 2016 Trophies

Most Earned

Race Beginner
Race Beginner15TrophyTypeCompleted the First Race of the Horse Racing Championship.
Apprentice Jockey
Apprentice Jockey17TrophyTypeCompleted the 5 races of the Season 1.
Racer 10
Racer 1017TrophyTypeCompleted 10 races.
Jockey35TrophyTypeFinished Top Three in 10 races.

Least Earned

Senior Jockey
Senior Jockey36TrophyTypeFinished Top Three in 50 races.
Seasoner36TrophyTypeCompleted 5 seasons of the Championship.
Racer 50
Racer 5036TrophyTypeCompleted any 50 races or 10 seasons in the Championship.
Finisher36TrophyTypeCompleted all the races and finished the Game.
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