PlayStation 3

HollywoodSquares Trophies

Most Earned

First Pot of Gold
First Pot of Gold16TrophyTypePossess a prize of $ 2,000.
No More Waste
No More Waste16TrophyTypeWin a round by gaining only 3 squares.
The First Winning
The First Winning16TrophyTypeWin a bonus round in single mode.
60s' Personal Show
60s' Personal Show17TrophyTypeCorrectly answer 9 questions in one Bonus Round.

Least Earned

Dare you challenge me?
Dare you challenge me?56TrophyTypeBeat 30 rivals online.
Lucky Guess
Lucky Guess28TrophyTypeFind the right key from multi-choice in a row of 3.
Taste of Winning
Taste of Winning26TrophyTypeBeat 10 rivals online.
Collector52TrophyTypeUnlock all items in wardrobe.
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