PlayStation 3

HollywoodSquares Trophies

Most Earned

First Pot of Gold
First Pot of Gold16TrophyTypePossess a prize of $ 2,000.
No More Waste
No More Waste16TrophyTypeWin a round by gaining only 3 squares.
The First Winning
The First Winning16TrophyTypeWin a bonus round in single mode.
60s' Personal Show
60s' Personal Show17TrophyTypeCorrectly answer 9 questions in one Bonus Round.

Least Earned

Dare you challenge me?
Dare you challenge me?57TrophyTypeBeat 30 rivals online.
Taste of Winning
Taste of Winning27TrophyTypeBeat 10 rivals online.
Lucky Guess
Lucky Guess27TrophyTypeFind the right key from multi-choice in a row of 3.
Collector52TrophyTypeUnlock all items in wardrobe.
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