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Hohokum (CN) Trophies

Most Earned

Clambound! (Bivalvia Claustraphobius)
Clambound! (Bivalvia Claustraphobius)15TrophyTypeYou were trapped inside the huge clam-like thing. Curious fronds tickling you the whole time.
Shame of the Scuttlers (Hermetica Ingloria)
Shame of the Scuttlers (Hermetica Ingloria)15TrophyTypeSee a stark naked scuttler. Feel his shame.
Celebrated Master of Ognapology (Ognadae Tetratetron)
Celebrated Master of Ognapology (Ognadae Tetratetron)16TrophyTypeFind four different species of Ognapod.
Ghoonpile (Ghoongollion Marginus)
Ghoonpile (Ghoongollion Marginus)16TrophyTypeMake a nice stack of Ghoons.

Least Earned

Hohokquick (Hohokumnavigus Furius)
Hohokquick (Hohokumnavigus Furius)110TrophyTypeComplete the videogame Hohokum in under 60 minutes.
Young Ognathologist (Ognadae Ognadae)
Young Ognathologist (Ognadae Ognadae)16TrophyTypeGet a good look at an Ognapod.
The Twilight Tickler (Bulblio Bulblio)
The Twilight Tickler (Bulblio Bulblio)16TrophyTypeCongratulations. You lit all the fairground lights without zapping anyone.
The Ostler's Daydream (Cumulus Velivolus)
The Ostler's Daydream (Cumulus Velivolus)16TrophyTypeYou saw a cloud that looks suspiciously like the skybeast from Poto and Cabenga.
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