Hitogata Happa

PlayStation 3

Hitogata Happa Trophies

Most Earned

1 In 64's Not Bad
1 In 64's Not Bad18TrophyTypeUse the Sphere 13 doll.
No, YOUR Time's Up!
No, YOUR Time's Up!19TrophyTypeDefeat a boss after time has run out.
I Can Do It!
I Can Do It!19TrophyTypeFinish the game on Euridice difficulty.
Loner25TrophyTypeFinish the game in Solo Voyage mode.

Least Earned

The Rose Cross
The Rose Cross42TrophyTypeFinish the game on Allemande difficulty.
Even If The World Ends...
Even If The World Ends...42TrophyTypeFinish the game on Doomsday difficulty.
Not An Unlucky Number
Not An Unlucky Number234TrophyTypeFinish the game in Destiny 13 mode.
Destructive75TrophyTypeDestroy every part of every boss in one game.
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