Hidden Agenda Reviews

  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed155,961
    04 Mar 2019
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    Now, for a trophy collector, you may not exactly find an easier platinum for an PlayLink game than Hidden Agenda (although I never got to it before I lent it out and haven't seen it since).

    The story is centered around a murderer called the Trapper Murderer. Told from three characters perspectives (The murderer, The Solicitor, The Detective) it is a good little murder mystery spiced up a bit by its multiplayer game mechanics. Now, you can play this on your own, unlike most of the playlink titles, but you'd lose some of the charm.

    During the game, a player gets an "Hidden Agenda" (see what they did there?) and it could be from 'Let the murderer go free' to 'convince everyone to go to X location', and normally you know full well it's the wrong location. During discussing the events of the chapter, everyone votes on what will happen during the game. The majority wins, but if someone guesses who has the hidden agenda, they stop that person getting any points for the round and at the same time earning an extra powerplay.

    The idea is to appear like you're working with everyone else whilst working to win the game and every now and then on an agenda. It becomes like an elaborate Cluedo version of Poker. The ability to not give yourself away is key to winning.

    Even the graphics are more than you'd probably expect from one of these kinds of titles. Most of the ones out there are more cartoony than realistic, this has a very strong feeling of Sony wanting to showcase the party-based PlayLink titles as something more than what gamers expected, and it succeeds. Although, every now and then the game (if you don't patch it admittedly) will disjoint the voice from the lips, like a live chatshow gone wrong via satelite on TV.

    Probably among one of the strongest of the PlayLink games (Frantics being a personal favourite of mine), it lends to an gimmick that may not have taken off as well as VR, presumably put off by having to download an app to your Mobile or tablet, it does detract from a rather shortsighted gamer idea that PlayLink can only be for kid-friendly, 'Nintendo-like' games. It does go a long way to showing that these games can have a more adult theme to them.