1. Her Majesty's SPIFFING Walkthrough OverviewUpdate notes

Welcome to the Her Majesty's SPIFFING walkthrough.

This is an adventure game that incorporates a sort of point-and-click gameplay but with the ability to move the main character around.

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You play the role of Captain Frank Lee English on a space journey to find a new planet in the name of the Queen with your Welsh partner Aled Jones. Most of the story takes place aboard the HMSS Imperialise, a converted mini cooper. While floating through space you'll have to take the role of a true British astronaut with all the tea drinking and national anthem music you'd come to expect.

The game has a lot of British humour and loads of fourth wall breaks. The story isn't too long, roughly around an hour with this guide, but it is not too short either.

The game consists of 26 trophies. Most are story related but a few are missable; with this guide, you'll be able to get every trophy and easily obtain the Platinum.

Now with the intro out of the way, please enjoy.

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